Saturday, July 31, 2021

Policeman killed in line of duty in UAE

A Sharjah Police officer was killed when his patrol car crashed on the Mleiha Road, Sharjah police said on Thursday. 

The police officer involved in the car crash has been identified as First Assistant Rashid Ali Albahi. The accident was caused when a car, driven by a woman, crashed into the patrol car from behind.

The Sharjah Police General Command said the first assistant duty officer was from the Traffic and Patrols Department and died in the line of duty.

The accident occurred around 10am on 27th of May when his police patrol car was parked on the side of Mleiha Road and a speeding car driven by a woman crashed into it from the back. The impact of the collision was such that the police vehicle was thrown into a distance and overturned with the deceased sitting inside.

The first assistant officer was working with the Sharjah Police Traffic Department for 14 years and was married with children.

Tributes pour in

The deceased’s colleagues and friends have mourned the loss of the officer who was known for his dedication and passion for his work. He was also a kind and generous man.

Social media platforms were also flooded with tributes from his colleague and friends.

The officer’s family have completed the funeral rites at the Al Sahaba mosque. The body was buried at the Sharjah cemetery.

Condolences were accepted over phone and video calls due to the pandemic.

Al Siyouh Police Station has launched a detailed investigation into the accident.


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