Saturday, July 31, 2021

Suspected African lady stole clients iPhone 12 after home massage.

Cheapest price for Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max in Dubai, UAE is AED 3799 sold at Noon. No major price change compared to two weeks ago. 

At the early ours of Monday 10th April 2021, an African lady arrived at her residence in Dubai Internet City Ticom area, with a client who she likely met online for the purpose of giving home massage. After a successful consensual massage and payment, the client notice he could not find his iPhone 12, which he asked the said lady on the whereabout of the iPhone, but she denied not seeing it. the client have to involve the police while the African lady fled.

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Question I asked myself, If the lady in question did not take the iPhone 12 why running away?

It was the same phone the client use to connect with you, and after meeting you the iPhone just disappeared how on earth did that happen?

Firstly you are doing an illegal business and that is not enough, you have to steel a clients iPhone which will tarnish your image and as well your race. some times its not about us but about those that come after us. we really should be mindful of what we do for the sake of others.

Talking about the sake of others, an African lady that stays in the same flat was harassed on her way to the building, that she was the lady that robed a client of his iPhone. just imagine the shame the lady brought to us all.

lets not take our bad habit outside please share this post till the lady sees it.

She should quietly return the phone and stop tarnishing the African Name.

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