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Abu Dhabi Entry Updates All you need to know

Since, February 1st, people looking to enter the Capital will need to show Covid-19 negative test results via the contact tracing Al Hosn app and not the SMS notification.

In the past, people had been urged to download the app, but it wasn’t mandatory. Al Hosn app will not only show the test result, but also highlight the number of days since a person landed at the airport from abroad.

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The information in the app will assist officers posted at the border to ascertain the quarantine norms to be followed for a particular person.

Can I always use DPI test result to enter Abu Dhabi

Based on the most recent update, if your first entry is DPI test, after exiting Abu Dhabi within 48hrs, you must take another PCR test for you to be allowed in to Abu Dhabi a second time. You will be allowed to take a PCR test at the boarder if your last test was DPI, only if you can prove that you are a resident of Abu Dhabi. Either by tenancy agreement or Abu Dhabi Visa. part of the condition with PCR done at the border to enter Abu Dhabi is, you must stay at home until the result of your test is out. This process is cumbersome, hence its advisable to do PCR test regularly, so you can be able to enter Abu Dhabi at ease. Note: only Emirate Id holders and Abu Dhabi visit visa are allowed to enter Abu Dhabi.

Is a DPI test result still valid for entry?

Anyone taking the DPI test must enter Abu Dhabi within 24 hours of receiving the negative result. But the DPI test method cannot be used to enter for two consecutive times.

Also, those entering Abu Dhabi with a DPI test result and staying for more than 48 hours must take a PCR test on the third and seventh day of entry.

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What about those taking a PCR test?

Those taking a PCR test must enter the Capital within 48 hours of receiving a negative result.

They must take a PCR test on the fourth and eighth day of entry.

Who are exempted?

These procedures don’t apply to volunteers of the Phase 3 Clinical Trials of the Covid-19 vaccine and those who have received the jab as part of national vaccination programmes.

They must have received status of gold star or ‘E’ icons on Al Hosn app. Both the categories of fully vaccinated people — those who have taken both the doses — will receive such special symbols.

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