Monday, June 21, 2021

How other Nationality Messes up and tag Nigerians in their mess

In many ways, the media and expert both from African decent and other continent has always used Nigerian to either get fame, make money, or evade arrest or portray their nationality good when messing up. the most horrific scenario is that the media and news outlet make a lot of money and enjoy the propaganda news concerning Nigerians, because they know they will generate more clicks and views which will eventually translate to more money in their pocket. (Nigerians beware: for anytime you share that bad article about your country, you are selling yourself out and encouraging propaganda against one of the best, most amazing, smart and energetic nationality that ever lived on planet earth).

There are lots of testimony on social media to portray the fact above, but this video by a Ugandan will show you the extent how companies and the media have reposition the mind of other nationality to associate anything that is bad in UAE to Nigerians.

Few weeks ago in Deira, a group of Asian fought, and it was reported that three were dead but the media won’t share it, and will not want to paint that nationality bad. a group of Chinese will be involve in a crime the media (News outlet) will say a group of Asian but will not tie it to the country. When its a Nigerian it become a breaking news.

No one tell the story of Nigerians that worked in a company for five month and was not paid, go to labour till date nothing happened, the company is not held accountable.

No one tell the story of the only female dispatcher in UAE that is a Nigerian.

No one tell the story of Gtext homes a Nigerian company that entered UAE and made over $100,000 in it’s first month in UAE.

No one tells the stories of many Nigerians that have been duped by companies in UAE.

No one tell the stories of several Nigerians who payed their landlord rent and after one week they were asked to leave the building with no refund.

No one tell you that Nigeria Nationals are doing so great, and amazing in the oil and gas sector in UAE as safety officers and JP. Reduces hazard and risk, this is where some other nationality has failed.

No one tells you all the amazing stuffs Nigerians are doing in the globe.

Which nationality have made the name Nigerians have made in diaspora?

People are quick to judge or compare Nigeria with other nationality. But take a look at the population of Nigeria compared to other African countries and be the judge. You cant compare a Ghana of 31 million to Nigeria where a state is equal to half of the total population of Ghana.

The truth is, Nigerians have amazing personalities . Don’t give them job they will create one, don’t rent an apartment for them they will buy one. The wickedness of bad leadership in Nigerian has made an average Nigerian to be multi talented, strong and resilient as well as bold, not even Coronavirus can ravage Nigerians.

Most nationalities are afraid of the name Nigerians, not because they are bad, but they feel inferior to Nigerians. They know they can’t be short change, and they are sure that an average Nigerian knows his right. When there is an advert and they say no Nigerians, what they mean is we don’t want this nationality, cause they know their right, they can not be cheated, they are smart, if we don’t treat them right they will leave. I have never in the UAE seen any UAE Government direct employment saying no Nigerians allowed, because they are open, will not play prank and want those that can do the Job.

Note: As Nigerans don’t be too fast to condemn the name Nigerians, fact check any post before you share, don’t see two blacks fighting and say they are Nigerians and be quick to condemn your own. lets not wash our dirty lining outside and help propagate the bad impression that is already out there. No one country is free from the bad once as well as the good once. If the population of Zimbabwe is 14 million how many bad people do you expect to come out of Zimbabwe. all countries have the good, the bad, and the ugly. But their numbers differs.

The world powers are scared of Nigeria coming together and being better, cause they have a lot to loose and knows the effect of a better Nigeria.

Lets be guided.

Jackson Miles
An all-round creative. Jackson is a Social Media Manager and a Writer. He is also a graphics designer. When he is not doing all of the above, you find him reading and researching.

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