Monday, June 21, 2021

RED ALERT: UAE Nigeria Flight suspension as at 2nd April 2021

As at the second day of April 2021, the Nigerian government has not made any official statement on flight suspension with the UAE.

Some Nigerians who were to fly with Egypt Air from Ghana to the UAE on 1st-04-2021 were not allowed to board, due to standing instructions from the Airline Management, that they should not fly Nigerians from Ghana to the UAE, even though they have been in the country for more than fourteen days says airport officials. they were advised to book a fresh ticket from other airline, and ask for refund from Egypt Air. As at the time of this report, there is no confirmation from Egypt airline on why they are not flying Nigerians from Ghana to the UAE.

Intending visitors from Nigeria should ask their agent to verify from the airline before booking tickets to Dubai.

Nigerian Authorities is yet to make any recent official statement on the flight suspension

There is no recent official statement from either Emirates Airline or the UAE Authorities

Nigerians who want to go back home or have a return ticket with other airline can either book flight with other carriers or use their return ticket. As the suspension only affect selected carriers.

As seen and confirmed from several medium, including Nigerians that entered the UAE in the past weeks, Nigerians around the globe, who are willing to enter the UAE can enter via other countries if they can prove that they have been out of Nigerian for the past 14 days, but are advise to confirm with the airline before booking their ticket.

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