Monday, June 21, 2021

Is Micheal alive? and hiding some where

I am truly convinced that Micheal Jackson is still alive hiding somewhere… hear me out. says, Ahmed Lawati

Image Courtesy – [TikTok]

In 2016— a person at the back of Micheal Jackson’s daughter car was sited. It was posted on her Instagram. People quickly came to notice that the person spotted at the back has her father’s exact facial features.

Image Courtesy — [TikTok]

Here is another picture of what looks like Micheal jumping out of an ambulance car after he was pronounced dead to the media.

However, (according to they state that all of this is just part of a hoax designed to show how easy it is to spread misinformation in 2020.

All things considered, I think that there might be a possibility of Jackson being alive today. However, chances are slim. You can share your thoughts on what you think.

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