Saturday, July 31, 2021

UAE: Abu Dhabi extends fine waiver for visa violators till march 31st.

Abu Dhabi: People who have been illegally staying in the UAE after their visas expired after March 1, 2020, have been given another grace period till March 31st 2021.

As per the previous Cabinet order, the deadline was December 31st but as at today 18th March 2021 Spring Media Team carried a random check on several visa’s, and we noticed that fine have been waved and visa expiring date has been extended to march 31st 2021.

The UAE government is said by many as one of the most innovative government in the world, with daily innovations and policy that better both the life of citizens as well as resident.

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  1. We think it’s high time Abu Dhabi takes charge of his seniority among the Emirates. Abu Dhabi make so many people to enters overstay without clearing their fines and I’ve a friend who went there with employment visa and labor card to apply for fine reduction, and next thing they do is arrest them and deport them and I was afraid so I didn’t go till my employment visa expires again, now I’ve checked my fine and it’s still showing 19000aed as at today, hope they are serious about this and the most annoying part is take for example in Dubai we’ve Amer and their WhatsApp number that we chatted and they solve many problems instantly even their email is functioning but Abu Dhabi, I’ve searched online to get any number to contacted them but nothing even the mail I saw wasn’t functioning, it’s just a pity because without visa in this country you can’t work, for 3 months now I’ve not done anything or receive any money from anybody but instead I’m borrowing from my country to pay for accommodation and to feed myself. We thank them for this but hope it reaches everyone as my tourist visa expires March 18 2020.

    • That’s very bad of Abu dhabi government to arrest while going for enquiring.have u now be able to confirm if it’s real or not?.so it’s risky to visit the immigration office when some one is already over stay?.because my own issued is that after my first company cancelled my contract another company take me wt promise to give me visa…so I was issued work permit on there company name now since December the work permit has expire now I told the company to let me go my country if not coming visa now he gave me my passport that I can go,but I knew that I may have overstay case already now the company don’t talk to me any longer after they fail to make me visa and make me to overstay and didn’t even pay my last do you think I can visit the immigration office or report the company to police?


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