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South Africa goes back to lockdown with alcohol sales banned in public

As many nations of the world are already taking stringent measures as a result of the new mutant strain of covid-19 which has the capacity to submerge a nation speedily in the second wave of the Pandemic, the government of South Africa has now taken a step that some might label as drastic though necessary considering the demands of the times we are in and the current state of world affairs. On Monday, the 28th of December, 2020, the South African President, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the nation will be going into lockdown level 3 with immediate effect from midnight.

He observed that  the level of havoc the second wave of the pandemic is already wreaking in the nation is disheartening and pinpointed that a drastic decision was necessary and important to stop the upsurge.

 What a level 3 lockdown implied was that all indoor and outdoor gatherings will be immediately prohibited.

However, funerals would be permitted, though with a number restriction of a maximum of 50 people in attendance.

Curfew will definitely be imposed. This will extend from 9pm to 6am. Also, all beaches will be shut commencing from Tuesday the 29th of December. Offices will close at 8pm considering the curfew, so everyone could get to their homes in good time.

The President spoke passionately identifying the excessive intake of alcohol as a major challenge in the country which is causing serious strain to the health care system as a resulting of continual stabbings, gunshot wounds etc. This unchecked behavioral defect has also had a ripple effect on the trauma units as the number of cases to deal with keeps growing by the day and the lives of health care workers are at risk.

 Ramaphosa finally drove in the nail when he announced that as a result of this unchecked behavioral defect, the sale of alcohol in public places was now banned.

Talking tough, he went further to announce that the wearing of face mask in public has now become necessary and not wearing one will be deemed an offence which would attract either a fine or imprisonment if the offender is convicted upon trial. Even the President admitted this was a drastic step but perhaps after appraising the situation he had little options and choices.

The President observed that the measures had now become necessary because of the people’s flagrant disregard for the initial measures put in place. A carefree attitude that has now made things to degenerate.

Hopefully things will get better with these stronger measures.

Photo Credit: BusinessTech

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