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BioNTech founder confident vaccine will defeat mutant Covid-19 strain sweeping the UK

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In what could be perceived as the best news so far following the discovery of the mutated strain of Coronavirus, the most important question in the minds of many people across the globe has now been answered when Ugur Sahin, the founder of BioNTech, the company that created the vaccination with the pharmaceutical company ‘Pfizer’, spoke about whether their vaccine will be able to provide immunity against the mutant strain. While he expressed confidence that the vaccine has a high probability of defeating the dreaded mutant strain now prevalent in England, he said in clear terms that this fact will be ascertained within the next two weeks.

The mutated strain which was discovered in London and South-east of England had created an upsurge of panic all across the globe for the sole reason that it was estimated to be 70 percent more transmittable than the original strain. This has led over 40 countries with the numbers still increasing by the day to impose travel ban on flights from the UK. A day after the Pfizer/BioNTech Vaccine was approved for use in European Union Countries, Mr Sahin expressed the view that he cannot say for certain whether the vaccine could provide the needed protection against the mutant strain. He however added that from a scientific perspective, there is high probability that the immune response by the Pfizer Vaccine can tackle the new variant. He went further by saying that even if the vaccine cannot deal with the mutant strain, he is confident that his team will be able to adapt the vaccine’s profile within six weeks to suppress the new strain. And based on this premise he is assured there is really no reason to lose hope.

We hope that his views become the reality in the weeks to become as the world cannot afford to be consumed by the current of the second wave of the pandemic being driven by the new mutated variant of the virus.

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Asha Susan Philip, a nurse with Dubai Health Authority, receives the Pfizer vaccine on Wednesday. Dubai Media Office

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