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By Nwafor Morayo

As a young growing child, what did you know about Investment? How many times did you hear about Investment either from the Radio, TV, and Podcast? How many books, newsletters, articles, and blog contents did you read about Investment? What were your course modules in High School if an investment was not included? How did you eventually know about Investment? What triggered you to know about Investment? What do you intend to do on Investment? How big have you built your Investment channel to wealth creation? These phrases of questions explain the stages of growth using business tools such as Investment. You cannot be in all the stages at the same time. Therefore, a confused man is eligible to ask himself all the questions to deprive him of the right to do the right thing at the right time. 

However, a significant number of people in Nigeria blame the Political Elites for their poverty (failure to create or sustain income). Nigeria is not the only country in the world with poor people. Several other countries have poor people on the street. But, the country does not promote her failures or negative reports to the press and several media platforms like it’s an achievement. Otherwise, Nigeria will be greater than what it has become today if the people stop blaming the country and politicians for the cause of their poverty but rather start taking smart actions to wealth creation. 

“If your generation is poor, you have yourself to blame” – Dr Stephen Akintayo 

Wealth creation is a process and not rocket science you bring to reality by luck; hard work and consistency pay the price to build wealth. There are several business industries to consider to build wealth. But the first thing you need to consider is to have a MENTOR! Having a mentor is the secret key to the journey of excellence. A mentor is eligible to guide and help you avoid mistakes and challenges you might encounter through the process of building wealth; in essence, it saves time. Committing consistently and doing all tasks/instructions given by your mentor would make you achieve greatness and become a better mentor to a significant number of people. It sounds easy, fun, and exciting because wealth is the solution to poverty. 

The people of the world has not stopped generating wealth not because they are avoiding poverty, but because building wealth is a continuous process that continues from generation to generation. A mentor is a well-known individual that have excelled in one or more business industry. Do not misplace priorities by seeking a spiritual mentor for a financial coach.

The next thing to consider in the process of wealth creation is; choosing the right mentor that suites your business industry. Investment is a tool that is needed in every business industry to boost income, save money smartly (rather than keeping/storing it in the bank), and create business opportunities to a long-lasting wealth that can last for many generations ahead in the future. 

Do you need an investment coach? I have the best investment coach in Africa. He is Dr Stephen Akintayo; Africa’s most sought after investment coach. He is an Author, a Speaker, a Serial Entrepreneur, and he is also the MD/CEO of Gtext Global; a business conglomerate whose business cuts across Real Estate and Digital Marketing. The several businesses to consider for wealth creation and investment includes;

  1. Real Estate
  2. Authors and Speakers
  3. Recharge and Bill payment
  4. E-commerce
  5. Drop-Shipping
  6. Digital Marketing

You can choose to add funds to the percentage of income budgeted for the accomplishment of a specific business project and in return, you are guaranteed a percentage of a return on investment (ROI) which is usually higher than your first initial amount of money that you gave for investment. Also, you can spend your money on any of the recommended businesses stated earlier to make your income appreciate rather than depreciating. 

“If you want to be wealthy, you need to do what rich people do”. – Dr Stephen Akintayo. 

The rich people have achieved wealth for generations ahead by investing in business industries such as the 6 recommended business industries. Dr Stephen Akintayo stated that “If you want to be wealthy, you need to intentionally associate yourself with luxury”. It does not mean you should spend all you got or steal. Let me give you an insight for better understanding. 

  1. Get to visit a 5-star hotel for the weekend.
  2. Associate with people there (develop a communication).
  3. Express yourself in the environment. 

You could either decide to book for 3 nights or you do not do a sleepover. You may not be able to afford the food for 3 days but a bottle of water or anything less could be great. Another instinct I can recommend is that; if you cannot yet afford to buy and own a luxurious item, you can rent it if it’s a price you can afford. Basically, you need to associate yourself with luxury at your level of income. So many people do it the wrong way which leads to unspeakable debts. 

“If your network is poor, your net worth will be poor” – Pastor Adeniyi Adeyemi.

In other words, you need to change your network of people if they are not helping you achieve your financial goals.

Earlier this year, Dr Stephen Akintayo hosted the ‘Rolls Royce Investment Chat’ with an amazing media crew of Bunmi Davies (Director) and other excellent media professionals. The show featured seasoned guests which include; Joke Silver, Ada Ameh, Yul, Koffi, MC Abbey, Lolo, and many other business gurus that have achieved greatly in the Nigerian business industry. Each of these guests is significantly responsible for their choice of career and currently, they have become the Masters of Art. With consistency and hard work, you would achieve beyond your expectations.

Dr Stephen did not make wealth in one day. It is a gradual process you need to follow to be successful. Join the team of Eagles to become a high flier today! Join Dr Stephen Akintayo and create wealth not just for yourself but for generations ahead in the future. For more inquiries, call +234810000618 or send a mail to    

If you have any contribution(s) or question(s) kindly drop it in the comment section below. For more inquiries on web and blog content development, content editing, Proposals, Memorandum of Agreement, Social Media Content, Scheduling and Calendars, Email and Newsletters content, Ebook writing, Transcription, and many more; kindly send a WhatsApp message to +2347064294966. Also, you could send a mail to  

Have a fun-filled moment! 

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  1. What an awesome write up. Atimes bonuses to think money making isn’t beyond this but now my eyes are widely open and well used… Thanks for bringing this my way.

    • Thank you so much for your feedback. Investment can go a long way in wealth creation if you start as early as you can and your generations can never be poor.


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