Monday, June 21, 2021

UAE reforms part of their laws to encourage Multiculturalism.

A decree by the President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan with immediate effect states the following;

Law on Divorce

It now stated that divorce issues and marriage separations will follow the laws of the counties in which couples got married if they didn’t get married in the UAE.

Law on inheritance

If an expat has a Will already, his Will be honoured. However, if not, the laws of his home country will be followed at his death with regards to inheritance.

Law on Suicide

Before now, it is punishable by the law if found for attempted suicide, but with the amendment, it is no longer punishable rather individual found guilty will be provided mental-health support.

Law on Alcohol intake

It is no longer a punishable crime if found consuming alcohol without a license. The legal age for alcohol intake remains at 21yrs old.

Law on unmarried couple cohabiting.

It was against the law to live together as an unmarried couple or being unrelated flatmates. Now it is no longer an offence as unmarried couples can now live together.

Law on Good Samaritan

People who help others in need are no longer liable to be punished should anything go wrong in the process of helping another individual.

The amendment of these laws is meant to, “reflect progressive measures to improve living standards and for the UAE to continue to be a destination for foreign direct investment and people from around the world.” — The National News

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